domingo, 1 de junio de 2008


How do you feel about technology? Well for me the technology has change everything in the world I think it’s the best thing ever, I like it a lot, the technology is everywhere, the internet, the cell phones, the television, the computers is everything around us, without it we wouldn’t do almost anything, in my opinion is very important because it has helped to medical research and nowadays we can control cancer disease and it has given us many ways of communications like internet, phone and television a good example for that it’s the internet where you can find whatever, any kind of information that can help you to do your homework and if you’re not able to have a computer you can go to a cyber.

Through the technology the television came out which it is one of my favorite inventions that at first it used to be just black and white and now it is colorful, the technology it is always evolving and giving us a way to change our life to better that it is technology for me...

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