sábado, 31 de mayo de 2008

what is beauty for you?

For me beauty it is not so important because if we’re talking about the physical part, I have met people that is beautiful outside but they don't have anything in their brain, for me beauty it is not just the physical part it's the feelings too, because you don't have to be physically beautiful to be a beautiful person inside, the appearance of a person is important that is totally true but sometimes when you’re not physically attractive or you don’t have a nice appearance people can see you with others eyes just for the way what you think, or for being and intelligent person.

I think beauty has been misunderstood because when you talk about beauty people think about appearance or physical attraction of a person because the society has permitted that, in the television, magazines, images of female bodies are everywhere. Women and their body parts sell everything from food to cars showing that for being a beautiful person you have to be like Barbie, and that it is not true because , beauty is life, beauty are your friends, your family, and all that things that makes you feel happy definitely that is beauty for me… make love not war and be happy...

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