domingo, 27 de julio de 2008


In the classroom we talked about college life, well comparing with High school for me have been good because now I’m more independent, but if we talk about teachers, friends and all that, I think that when you’re in the university it is complicated to have friends because you don’t have enough time and your going to have classmate but not real friends, That’s my point of view for my experience I can say that is like that because sometimes you don’t understand a subject and others did and when you´re looking for help nobody help you because they are selfish and now that I’m in the university I have knew a lot of people like that and it is difference when you´re in high school because you have your group to study and if you don’t understand something they can help you. I think the university makes you grow up, be more mature and realize that you have to do the things by yourself because if you don’t you´re going to stay back from the other people. When I was in high school a teacher wish me luck and told me that you know when you enter to the university but not when you come out because that depends on you...

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